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I have resisted running “senior moment” items because of the possibility that I might start getting tales about MINE.

But this story, from Carroll DiBenedetto, is worth telling:

“A friend of mine who lives in the Gonzales area (I won’t tell you how old he is) had an appointment in New Orleans.

“On the morning he was to leave, he hooked his big garbage can to the rear of his pickup truck and then went back inside to eat breakfast.

“When he left, he forgot to stop at the road to unhook his garbage can.

“Somewhere down the highway, he got a call from a motorist who saw my friend’s cellphone number on his truck.

“The motorist then stopped and helped my friend load the garbage can into the truck.

“Nice folks are everywhere!”

(And we old folks need ’em …)

Our special Kidd

Normally, you have to be 90 or older to get your birthday mentioned in this column.

But I make an exception for World War II destroyers.

Which is why I’m happy to report that Tuesday marks the 70th birthday of the USS Kidd, a Baton Rouge landmark.

The Kidd was commissioned and officially joined the U.S. Navy’s fleet on April 23, 1943.

The Kidd was the first ship to be named after Rear Adm. Isaac C. Kidd, who died on the bridge of the USS Arizona at Pearl Harbor.

If you want to drop by and wish the Kidd a happy birthday, daily tours are $8 for adults, $7 for seniors, $5 for children 5-12.

Call (225) 342-1942 or visit http://

Educational experience

Marianne Hembree, of Zachary, says when she ordered VHS tapes on Amazon for her mom’s 85th birthday, she was dismayed to find that she had received, according to the box, a “Floating Candle”:

“I was steaming. I wrote to Amazon and said I was very upset that the wrong item had been sent.

“Later that evening, I told my son and daughter-in-law, and they asked me, ‘Well, did you look inside the box?’

“I did, and there were the tapes! I immediately wrote the seller back apologizing profusely.

“He said no problem, he was just trying to protect the tapes.

“Lesson learned — things are not always what they appear.”

Taste of hospitality

Terry Maderson says my story about Lady Katherine offering a taste of her pecan pie to some British ladies at Camellia Grill in New Orleans “prompted me to tell you what happened to me in Ireland:

“My wife, Barbie, and I, and friends Pete and Jackie were enjoying all the wonderful sights and tasting all the beers.

“One Sunday, we drove by Pete’s Pub. Since we were with Pete, we HAD to try this pub.

“We stood at the bar trying to remember which beer we liked.

“As we were discussing our choice, one of the Irishmen sitting at the bar offered us a taste of his beer. (Terry says they all appeared to have been at the bar for quite some time. …)

“His friend said, ‘No, they will like this one better. Try mine!’ and offered his bottle.

“We decided not to drink from his bottle, but did try his recommendation, and thanked them both for their offer.”

Terry says they appreciated this Irish hospitality. …

Worthy causes

HAART, the HIV/AIDS Alliance for Region Two, says “Dining Out For Life” on Thursday features five Baton Rouge restaurants donating 25 percent of lunch or dinner sales.

They are Bistro Byronz, California Pizza Kitchen, Mestizo, Monjunis and Stroube.

Go to

HAART provides health insurance assistance, housing, case management and prevention and outreach services to individuals and families living with or at risk for HIV/AIDS.

Special People Dept.

Genevieve “Gen” Floyd’s 90th birthday was Saturday. She’ll celebrate with family and friends this weekend. She organized the St. Joseph Cathedral Food Pantry in the mid-80s and continued her service to the pantry through early 2012.

Ominous name

“Gram B” says, “My son-in-law Niles gave my daughter Ashley a chicken coop for her birthday. Having three children, they got three chickens.

“Jackson, age 6, named his chicken Chip.

“Ayden, age 4, named her chicken Audery.

“Hudson, age 2, named his chicken Chicken Nuggets.

“If Chicken Nuggets doesn’t lay, I think I know the outcome. …”

At first glance

Marsha Reichle says our tale of the child who knew a kitten was male because of its big belly brought to mind this story:

In the ’60s, when boys sported long hair and girls wore boys’ jeans, it was sometimes hard to tell gender at first glance.

Marsha says, “When my son was about 4, he was watching a young man with gorgeous shoulder-length hair reading a book.

“He turned to me and reported, ‘He’s reading a big book.’

“‘How do you know he’s a boy?’ I asked, curious.

“ ‘I saw his big watch,’ he replied.”

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