Rabalais: LSU men aren’t great, but they’re pretty good

The day begins with another February chill that won’t compare to snow shovelers in the North and Northeast. This winter quiz may provide a few surprising answers. Parade Magazine’s experts answered questions such as, which accessory is most important to wear while playing in the snow? Earmuffs, wooly socks or sunglasses? Sunglasses, worn on sunny, wintry days prevent photokeratitis or snow blindness. After taking your dog for a snowy, winter walk, what is the first thing to do when returning home? Wiping down its paws, a blanket rub-down or extra water? In snow episodes, pets track through melting chemicals and rock salt causing pad cuts. Finally, how thick should the ice be before you don your skates? Four to five inches of ice can hold 250 pounds of weight. Fastcast: Chilly

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