Pat Shingleton for Feb. 9, 2013

Prior to today, the biggest blizzard in southern New England’s history battered Boston and coastal areas on February 6, 1978. For the first time in its 106-year-history, the Boston Globe was unable to deliver its paper.

Today, 42 million people will be in the two-fisted storm zone. Original projections suggest expectations of 100,000 power outages, and officials have insisted that all travel be canceled. In Boston, driving on the streets will incur a $500 fine and a year of jail time. The Old Farmer’s Almanac notes in its “Blizzard Hall of Fame,” the Great Snow of 1717 was a series of four storms that extended to March 7 with 5 feet of snow in New England. Newspaper accounts reported that 95 percent of New England’s deer population died.

Fastcast: Comfortable.


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