A few minutes with Jim Nantz

Goodbye January, officially the second wettest on record with 14.67 inches. Another 0.28 inch would have shattered the record set in 1998. January ended in 1966 bitter cold in Baton Rouge.

As noted in a previous column, Jan. 29, 1966, found the mercury slipping to 20 degrees for the coldest daytime high for the date. The next day it dropped to 15, setting a record. The true freezing point of water is known as the ice point; in 1966 the final days of January found the daytime highs staying below the ice point.

Years ago, television engineer John White filmed a frozen City Park Lake. I used his video in the 1970s and 1980s, showcasing many Baton Rougeans donning their ice skates for a rare winter event.

Fastcast: Cold.

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