Ask The Advocate: Fairway stop sign

There is a 3-way stop sign on Fairway and Vista (Fairway runs between Jefferson and Old Hammond). The speed limit is 25 mph and is regularly monitored by police. I travel Fairway north thousands of times and have never seen a vehicle exit Vista onto Fairway, while on the Jefferson end of Fairway, it's impossible to turn left and risky to turn right. Wouldn't a light be in order here? Why the sign?

Response from Ingolf A. Partenheimer, chief traffic engineer, East Baton Rouge city-parish Department of Public Works:

The stop sign at Fairway and Vista was installed at the request of the residents as they could not get out of their side street. The city-parish does not control the intersection of Jefferson Highway at Fairway as this is a state-controlled intersection. In the past, the city-parish had requested to remove the left turn out of the subdivision, but was denied by the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development.

As for why there is not a traffic signal at this location, the proximity of Fairway to Essen Lane prevents the addition of another traffic signal as it violates the state's requirements.

Since the Capital Area Transit System's 10.6-mill property tax passed April 21, 2012 (in Baton Rouge and Baker), will the tax be pro-rated for the remainder of the year, or will we have to pay the entire year's tax?

The entire year's tax must be paid.