Gerald J. Thompson forwarded a note on our Coats for Kids campaign and his appreciation of this column. He and his wife, Lois, commented on temperature differences in the Texas Valley. Gerald noted that “RV-ers” live along the Rio Grande in Edinburgh, Pharr, Weslaco and Mission and are homes to those from Ohio, Michigan, Missouri, Kansas, Wisconsin and Iowa. These folks are referred to as “Winter Texans.” RV-ers from New Hampshire, Maine, and New Jersey head to Florida where it is twice as expensive and “the fat cats go to Florida and other po-folk go to Texas.” The Thompsons are 15-year veterans, and in Nuevo Progresso they stroll across the International Bridge where a “dental cap is 130 bucks and lunch at Elsa’s is $10 — including margaritas.” Fastcast: Nippy again.

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