Smiley Anders for Dec. 17, 2012

Joel d’Aquin Thibodeaux says when husband, Ron, said he was going to leave boudin balls out for Santa Claus this Christmas Eve, she told him that Santa was NOT Cajun:

“Ron got a piece of paper and wrote ‘Heaux, Heaux, Heaux.’

“Then he asked me, ‘Santa says this, doesn’t he?’

“I hate losing an argument.”

Snore no more

Howell Andrews tells of a unique way to stop snoring problems:

“My nephew, Cliff Shrader, and his lovely wife, Cheryl, have a new addition to their household — Tasha, a 5-month-old long-haired dachshund, who has quickly taken control of the family.

“Cliff tells me that the other night Tasha woke him several times by nuzzling his cheek.

“Cheryl, who witnessed this phenomenon, says that each time Cliff started snoring, Tasha would get up from her place at the foot of the bed, nuzzle Cliff’s cheek, and put her paw on his mouth.

“It seems Tasha does not allow snoring in bed.

“Cheryl is proud of her 15-pound anti-snoring device, and reports that she and Tasha are getting a more restful night’s sleep.”

Bloody good book

LifeShare Blood Centers has a new cookbook, “Recipes from the Heart,” featuring recipes from centers in Louisiana, Arkansas, and Texas.

Patricia Oates says you can pick up a copy at 3849 North Blvd., and while you’re there, you can donate a unit of blood.

Call Patricia at (225) 381-2563.

Happy return recalled

Darrel Tassin says our recent mention of the great sandwiches at the late lamented Joe D’s store and deli on Jefferson Highway reminds him of an incident in 1970 or ’71 that showed him how thoughtful the folks there were:

“My brother and his wife came up from New Orleans to visit, got to Baton Rouge after dark, and called me from a pay phone in front of Joe D’s to get directions.

“When he finally arrived, I learned he had retrieved my phone number from his wallet and left the wallet on a shopping cart next to the pay phone.

“We went back to look for his wallet and found the store closed.

“We parked in front of the store very early the next morning. A delivery truck driver asked what we were waiting for, and then told someone inside the store.

“A man came out with my brother’s wallet and told him an employee had found it and turned it in.”

Worthy Causes

Patricia Rachal Stallman, of St. Francisville, a Southern University English teacher, says a fund has been set up at Whitney Bank locations for a “worthy nontraditional SU nursing student,” Kingsley Aifesehi, from Africa.

She says he “does not qualify for most of the help available to citizens.” Go to, under “Good Causes” for details.

Thank-you note

The family of cancer patient Cathy Dupont thanks everyone who came out to a benefit, “Fall Festival,” in Plaquemine in October to raise funds to help with her medical expenses.

All the support is greatly appreciated, they say.

Think British

After I heard from Betty Calzada about a meeting of the new DBE (Daughters of the British Empire) chapter in Baton Rouge, L.P. Miller told of publications the ladies might like:

“I have many issues of ‘This England,’ a quarterly journal that says it’s ‘for all who love this green and pleasant land.’

“Beautiful photography, articles and nostalgia about how England used to be.”

They’re free, from

Looking for stuff

Pam Bounds says, “My church school is collecting proof of purchase seals from Community Coffee products (the scanner bar code) for the Cash for Schools program. We are also collecting Box Tops for Education (Kleenex, etc.) and Labels for Education (Campbell Soup, etc.).”

Mail them to Pam at Baton Rouge Seventh-Day Adventist Church, 4455 Jones Creek Road, Baton Rouge, LA 70817.

Judy asks, “Is there anyone who could use the Christmas cards that come with so many charitable appeals? I have a heap of them.”

Special People Dept.

Sadie “Babe” Wienstraub celebrated her 94th birthday Saturday.

Dark thought

Fiddling Doc Chaney says, “I noticed in the article in Thursday’s Advocate that the Geminid meteor shower would be ‘at its best after dark Thursday and before dawn Friday.’

“If I see meteor showers anytime BEFORE dusk or AFTER dawn, I might be inclined to start paying attention to this Mayan thing.”

On the web

Doug Johnson, of Watson, says, “As I was uncoiling strings of Christmas lights to decorate our house, I was reminded of a quote from Sir Walter Scott.

“You know, the one that starts, ‘O what a tangled web we weave …’ ”

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