Pat Shingleton’s column for Saturday, Dec. 15, 2012

Pat Shingleton’s Weather News Saturday, December 15, 2012

To complete the Christmas assignments, Mom got the kids “out of the house.” Sled riding and snow-football were options; however, a freezing rain-snow-mix meant indoor boredom. When I was eight-years-old and my little brother Kevin was five, we found plenty of things-to-do. Playing “cars,” Lincoln logs or the Erector Set were options. Looking out the window sometimes found a fight or an arrest across the street at the Kennard’s house. Circular streamers were used to decorate the Christmas trees. Today they resemble a “crepe paper lei” and noticing a garland streamer, dangling from the tree, I tied it to Kevin’s ankle. From an adjacent room I yelled, “Yo, Kev, Santa brought us an early gift, a puppy!” He barreled after me dragging a decorated ten-foot tree. Fastcast: Warmer


TODAY: Foggy Start (Cloudy Icon) 73/62

SUNDAY: Showery (Rain Icon) 75/56

MONDAY: Clearing (Partly Cloudy Icon) 71/43

TUESDAY: Cooler (Sunny Icon) 67/42

WEDNESDAY: Warmer (Sunny Icon) 70/53

THURSDAY: Clearing (Partly Cloudy Icon) 71/47

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