Ask the Advocate for Dec. 10, 2012

Since Stumberg Lane is being extended south to join Pecue Lane at Airline Highway, is there any plan to extend Stumberg north from Coursey Boulevard to South Harrell’s Ferry or Millerville roads?

Response from Bryan Harmon, deputy director, East Baton Rouge city-parish Department of Public Works:

An extension northward to South Harrell’s Ferry Road is indicated on the major street plan but, as with dozens of other projects, it is unfunded. The practicality of this project makes it a very expensive undertaking. Extending Stumberg due north as indicated would run the road right through the middle of the Episcopal High School campus which is not practical. This would then require the road to snake to the west and then back east. It would have to cross Weiner Creek once and Jones Creek twice, and we would have to deal with both the environmental issues and the low land levels along this route. One of the crossings of Jones Creek would also occur at the intersection of Woodland Ridge Boulevard. To make this crossing and construct the intersection would require the acquisition of four to six homes before heading north to South Harrell’s Ferry Road.