Pat Shingleton for Dec. 8, 2012

Since Nov. 1, we’ve recorded seven days in the 80s; Dec. 2 and Dec. 3 were two of those days. Eleven days had nighttime lows in the 30s with our first freeze on Nov. 25 at 31. Others are experiencing warm weather around the country. On this date in 2011, 32 percent of the country reported snow cover while now only 7 percent are reporting snow pack. Since Dec. 1, 688 record highs have been logged, making the month the warmest on record. Melting sea ice is a concern; more has melted than at any other time in history. The latest research found that 4.5 million miles of ice are gone, representing an area the size of the United States and Mexico. More melting equates to rising sea levels. Fastcast: Showery.


TODAY: Evening Rain (Scattered Showers Icon) 76/58

SUNDAY: More Showers (Sunny, T-Storms) 78/59

MONDAY: Colder (Sunny Icon) 60/35

TUESDAY: Nippy (Sunny Icon) 59/39

WEDNESDAY: Still Chilly (Sunny Icon) 60/50

THURSDAY: Spotty Showers (Scattered Showers Icon) 66/53