“The Great Thanksgiving Storm” was the deepest in Ohio’s history. The state reported 10 inches of snow while the eastern half was buried under 30 inches. On Friday, Nov. 24, 1950, temperatures plummeted to 0, and the following day, blizzard conditions prevailed. The Ohio State-Michigan football game was scheduled in Columbus with the Big-Ten championship on the line. Once the tarp was removed, snow fell and with 82,000 tickets sold; 50,503 stayed below the bleachers until kickoff. Toilets were frozen; frozen mouthpieces stopped the band; players wore long underwear; and after the game, Ohio’s coach, Wes Fesler, resigned after losing 9-3, and Woody Hayes was hired. Baton Rouge’s own Mike Sause with his brothers Kit and Bill were at the game with their dad, sitting next to Woody. Fastcast: Colder


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