Experts say Petraeus scandal shows power of government

Saturday’s column noted an autumn tradition — leaf burning. Another activity we enjoyed as kids included raking and creating a high pile of leaves. A 10-foot leaf pile provided a comfortable “mat” for jumping or diving into, but my brother Mike had another entrepreneurial idea. Our sister, Maureen, was diagnosed with iron deficiency anemia and her symptom was an episode of fainting or “passing out” during physical activities. With the assistance of my brother Kevin, once the leaf pile was constructed, neighborhood kids such as Buffalo Otoviani, Beak Moranti, Dunk Kelly and the Sodano brothers, lined up, paying Mike a quarter to witness this act. Mike and Kevin would toss Re-Re into the pile where she immediately passed out. Brought inside, my brother Denis and I would administer first aid. Fastcast: Another beauty! Warmer

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