My colleague Dave Nussbaum spent a considerable amount of time determining if weather has been a factor in football contests between LSU and Alabama. Dave reviewed weather data from 1964, and regardless of where the game was played — Baton Rouge, Tuscaloosa or Birmingham — he determined that no weather-related conditions affected a victory for either team and both have played well in any weather. After the game tonight, we’ll rewind the clocks one hour to adjust to Standard Time. As noted in a previous column, London builder William Wellett suggested the time change in his pamphlet “Waste of Daylight,” published in the late 1700’s. He proposed advancing clocks 20 minutes over four Sundays in April and retarding them by the same time over four Sundays in September. Fastcast: Fog advisory


TODAY: Daybreak Clouds (Partly Cloudy Icon) 82/61

SUNDAY: A Shower (Scattered Showers Icon) 78/55

MONDAY: Clearing (Scattered Showers Icon) 75/49

TUESDAY: Colder (Sunny Icon) 70/47

WEDNESDAY: Breezy (Sunny Icon) 71/48

THURSDAY: Perfect (Sunny Icon) 74/50

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