Bring out green with easy Touch  of Green dip

Because the color green is associated with St. Patrick’s Day, green is featured in many St. Patrick’s Day recipes. Sometimes it’s added with food coloring. A more flavorful way is to use naturally occurring green-colored foods in the dish.

For a small home or office party, try an easy dip in the slow cooker. It will stay warm throughout the time you are entertaining and, best of all, it’s really tasty.

Broccoli is a good dipping choice when it is cut into small pieces and cooked in the slow cooker. Substitute frozen spinach if you are not a broccoli lover and use the same amount.

The dish will be ready in two to three hours, but it may be kept on warm for another two hours. Stir throughout the evening.

Surround dip with a variety of crackers and make sure both you and the table are “wearin’ the green.”