Steak strips make great toppers steak strips

Steak strips cook beautifully in the slow cooker, making them great toppers for rice or stirred in with fresh vegetables. Don’t overlook the strips for luncheon pitas or salad toppers, either.

Marinate the strips and make the flavor pop even more. I found a decades-old marinade recipe that my mother used for many years, primarily on a chuck roast. I tried it on a sirloin petite steak and was pleased with the result.

The hardest part is remembering to think of marinating the strips the night before. Marinating provides a more enhanced taste, but if you forget, go ahead and just place everything in the slow cooker the next morning, cooking throughout the day.

There are many new wraps, sandwich rounds or pita pocket types available at local grocery stores.

Take your pick or try a variety. For a healthier twist, try multigrain or whole wheat. Fill with strips, baby spinach and salad tomatoes.