What a Crock! for March 1, 2012

The creation of recipes is indeed a mysterious process — some ingredients taken from Aunt Sally’s favorite, others from old cookbooks and other selections the creator just happens to prefer in a chosen dish.

Good cooks are usually the most imaginative. Celia Musick occasionally sends me recipes she enjoys and, typically, they are good ones. The most recent combines a simmering chicken recipe of mine from years past with a few recipes she had on hand, and voilĂ , Italian Chicken was born.

For those of you on salt-restricted diets, as is my mother-in-law, it only takes a few modifications. Where Musick calls for Italian diced tomatoes, use salt-free diced tomatoes or salt-free stewed tomatoes. Tony Chachere’s salt-free seasoning can be challenging to find, especially in other states, but do as I do, bring a supply when you travel.

Musick notes that bell pepper can also be added, if desired.