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Smiley Anders

Smiley: Reading us religiously

I was honored, and surprised, to see three items from past columns reprinted in the September-October issue of “The Joyful Noiseletter,” a lively little publication of religious jokes whose “modest aim is to recapture the spirit of joy, humor, unity and… Continue reading →

Mark Ballard

James Gill

Stephanie Grace

Gregory Roberts

Scott Rabalais

Patricia Gannon

Chante Warren: Common Ground

Danny Heitman: At Random

At Random: Almanacs good answer to malaise

When summer’s lasted too long, and the headlines are all nasty and bleak, and the year begins to sag under the weight of its worries, I look to each autumn’s arrival of the latest farmer’s almanacs to cheer me up. The new… Continue reading →

Quin Hillyer

Quin Hillyer: Is Senate campaign Maness’ mess?

U.S. senatorial candidate Rob Maness might be both a fine fellow and a solid conservative, but there are good reasons why some Louisiana conservatives wish he would exit his race. Most of those reasons involve conservatives’ desire to see incumbent Mary Landrieu finally… Continue reading →

Pat Shingleton

Pat Shingleton’s Weather News for Sept. 20, 2014

Recent wet weather has slightly delayed our sugarcane harvest. The purchase of the “deep-freezer” by my dad in the 1960s became a storage locker for the fruits and vegetables from our garden in Ellwood City, Pa. As noted in a previous… Continue reading →