Patricia Gannon: I’ll drink to that

Ginger and Jim Roy

Southerners have had it rough in recent months, and now the sipping whiskey’s running low. Numerous distillers have warned their supplies may not be able to meet society’s sudden appetite for bourbon. Buffalo Trace, in particular, spoke for all when it declared,… Continue reading →

Food & Restaurants



Turkey and Wild Pecan Rice Casserole

ADVOCATE-TESTED RECIPE Turkey and Wild Pecan Rice Casserole Serves 6-8. This recipe also is in the “Mercy It’s Good” cookbook. The recipe was submitted by Vollie Lemoine. 1 (7-ounce package) Konriko Wild Pecan Brown Rice, cooked according to package directions ½… Continue reading →


Chrysler Town & Country/ Dodge Grand Caravan

Minivans have been around since the early 1980s, and over the years nobody has done them better than Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. Whether you choose the Grand Caravan from Dodge or the Town & Country from Chrysler, you’ll be getting a comfortable and versatile… Continue reading →

Real Estate

Old Baton Rouge in Walnut Hills

Nestled among the oaks and magnolias off Hundred Oaks Avenue, the traditional home at 2032 Ramsey Drive has endured the test of time. Built in 1955, this well-kept home still has most of its original oak and marble floors, as well as all… Continue reading →