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The Wild Side: Your freezer can feed others

It’s a Capital City area celebration the likes of which belongs to one group and one group only. The Clean Out Your Freezer Day belongs to us, Louisiana’s outdoorsmen. Hunters and fishermen by the thousands have contributed more than 80 tons of frozen game, meat and fish during the past 19 years to… Continue reading →

The Wild Side: Gun rights continue in Congress

Ever wonder why history doesn’t have a record of some group trying to ban their brothers and sisters from owning spears or bows and arrows or slings or knives. Likely because those instruments helped put food on the table. There’s every reason to believe, at least from what’s been published recently, that… Continue reading →

The Wild Side: RESTORE work enters next phase

Yep, it was work getting Congress to approve the RESTORE Act. Countless folks representing hundreds of organizations campaigned to get Congress to approve a measure that sends 80 percent of fines levied against BP for that 2010 oil disaster off the Louisiana coast to the five Gulf states. That’s a very simple statement… Continue reading →