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Smiley Anders

Smiley: Great start, bad finish

Marsha Reichle tells a tale of golf and mixed emotions: “When I was 12 my father worked in Central America for Standard Fruit, the Vaccaro’s New Orleans banana company. “The company wives had lots of leisure time to fill, so they took up… Continue reading →

Mark Ballard

James Gill

James Gill: Party endorsement makes good comedy

The Democratic State Central Committee is not a larky kind of outfit, so its latest news release couldn’t have been a hoax. It sure read like one, though. The committee had “voted overwhelming” to endorse Edwin Edwards for Congress. As if endorsing… Continue reading →

Stephanie Grace

Gregory Roberts

Scott Rabalais

Patricia Gannon

Chante Warren: Common Ground

Mr. Mom and creamy red beans

Shortly after arriving home from work, my husband called me to the bedroom where I found him sitting in his recliner, eyes wide and glued to the television. “Boo, you’ve got to see this,” he told me as he pressed the… Continue reading →

Danny Heitman: At Random

Quin Hillyer