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Edward Pratt: A little girl’s Christmas letter

Maybe, just maybe, she’s doing something right, Qiana Thomas-Armstead thought when she saw a Christmas letter that her 7-year-old daughter wrote to a terminally ill little girl. “It brought tears to my eyes,” Thomas-Armstead said. “It got me over a tough period… Continue reading →

Smiley Anders

Smiley: How a couple of Tiger fans greeted strangers from Utah, converted them to die-hard LSU fans

Bob Veitinger, of Franklin, says, “Recent nostalgia stories and Christmas season bring to mind fond memories of my two granddaughters, Kayla and Sarah, when they were little. “During the Christmas season, the girls loved for me to… Continue reading →

Mark Ballard

Political Horizons: Genuine convert, or Republican in name only?

A klatch of politicos say that had Mary Landrieu run as a Republican, she would have won a fourth term to the U.S. Senate back in November. Pro-business, pro-energy and one of the most conservative members of the Democratic Party, Landrieu was… Continue reading →

James Gill

James Gill: Right to jury trial not all it’s cracked up to be

If Corey Miller lived anywhere else in the United States, he wouldn’t be asking a judge to give him a new trial, because he would have gotten one automatically after the jury voted him guilty 10-2. That doesn’t… Continue reading →

Stephanie Grace

Stephanie Grace: Have you heard this new radio ad? Critics tie Obama with, yes, U.S. Rep. Steve Scalise

There’s a new ad running on local radio, and if you’ve stumbled upon it while scanning the dial, you may have thought you were hearing things. The commercial sounds familiar… Continue reading →

Gregory Roberts

Washington Watch: Continuing resolution omnibus makes strange friends

— Politics, as the cliché has it, makes strange bedfellows. It’s been bit of a strange week in D.C., what with “cromnibus” — a word that, until a month ago, was probably never spoken by anyone in the… Continue reading →

Scott Rabalais

Rabalais: Domination of the hibernating Bears gives Saints a lift

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees (9) celebrates as he leaves the field after an NFL football game against the Chicago Bears Monday, Dec. 15, 2014, in Chicago. The Saints won 31-15. (AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast)

CHICAGO — It’s been a crazy, unpredictable, hard-to-define, upside-down cake of a season for the New Orleans Saints. But there are worse things than coming into Week 15 of the regular season 5-8. There are the Chicago Bears. In… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon

Patricia Gannon: Ring-a-ling

Jeigh Stipe, Sister Betty Lyons, Elizabeth Arnold, Darlene Lovas

It’s Christmastime in the city. The Palmetto Club hosted Silver Bell Soiree 2014, complete with Champagne and sleigh bells at the door. The annual fundraiser benefits the Lafayette Community Health Care Clinic and proceeds go to provide much-needed services for the working uninsured. Doing… Continue reading →

Chante Warren: Common Ground

Common Ground: How’s your Web IQ measure up?

I wrote my last old-fashioned letter on a Hewlett-Packard typewriter about 25 years ago. That machine is now tucked away in the attic along with its dinosaur cartridges and accessories. Today, we use sleek laptops, wireless printers and handheld tablets… Continue reading →

Danny Heitman: At Random

Danny Heitman’s “At Random”: A dog’s view of Christmas

From beneath a quilt on these dark December nights, I occasionally sense what sounds like sleigh bells, the music of Christmas faintly guiding me to sleep. But what I’m really hearing is what I hear throughout the year — the jingle,… Continue reading →

Quin Hillyer

Quin Hillyer: Cassidy still owes some answers

Louisiana’s U.S. Senate race is blessedly over, but a few loose ends unfortunately remain. Each camp still should answer for allegations of misconduct. The first allegation — the most serious if true, although the least likely to have… Continue reading →