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Smiley Anders

Smiley: Fun funeral

“My late stepmother, Zina Stringfield Tate, was quite a lady,” says Harvey Tate: “During World War II she enlisted in the WACS, and served in Gen. Eisenhower’s headquarters. Later she taught school for 40 years. “After… Continue reading →

Mark Ballard

Gay marriage issue likely to pop up again

Louisiana was one of the last states to give up the fight and start issuing same-sex marriage licenses following the U.S. Supreme Court decision a couple months ago that overturned this state’s constitutional definition of marriage as being between only one woman and… Continue reading →

Gregory Roberts

Scott Rabalais

Patricia Gannon

Patricia Gannon: Opening night gala

Winnie Darphin-Bacque, Don and Tish Johnson

Stagebackers hosted an opening night gala for “Lend Me a Tenor,” Lauren-Reilly Elliot Company’s much-anticipated new comedy. “I’m so excited about this play,” said gala guest Winnie Darphin-Bacque. “It’s funny and a little racy.” The period comedy about the mishaps… Continue reading →

Chante Warren: Common Ground

Danny Heitman: At Random

Quin Hillyer