Guns and biscuits: Port Allen eatery offers discount to patrons packing heat

Advocate staff photo by BILL FEIG -- Interior of the restaurant at Bergeron's Boudin and Cajun Meats in Port Allen. The restaurant has been getting some national media attention over owner Kevin Cox's 10 percent discount to any gun-toting customer that eats at his establishment.

Business has been booming at Bergeron’s Restaurant since owner Kevin Cox came up with an emphatic declaration of his support for the Second Amendment: offering any gun-toting customers a reduced price on their meals. Cox said Tuesday he’s seen a 15 percent spike in his Port Allen business after news spread that… Continue reading →

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Our Views: Balance on taxes

If there is such a thing as “corporate patriotism,” to use a phrase of President Barack Obama’s, it’s surely no longer of the 1950s-style assertion that “what’s good… Continue reading →




‘Long Rangers’ share World War II memories

Remaining members of the famed “Long Rangers” gather for a reunion as work gets underway to preserve records, photographs and memorabilia. Louis Zamperini, who was a part of the group, is the subject of a movie based on the book, “Unbroken.”… Continue reading →


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R&D Consulting in Baton Rouge acquired by HGA in Ruston

R&D Consulting in Baton Rouge, a 30-person engineering consulting firm serving the Gulf Coast, has been acquired by Ruston-based global professional services firm HGA. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. R&D Consulting was founded in 1976 as D.J. Farrow and… Continue reading →